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02/17/2011 MTK\measter


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    • A few users were inundated with "old" email during the switch to the new server.  This is because they had selected the "Leave a copy of messages on server" option set in their email client.  After a switchover to a new server, all users appear "new" to the server upon first login and all email saved/left in the inbox will be downloaded.  This is the same situation that occurs if you were to set up a new PC.  The best solutions are to not select "Leave a copy of messages on server" or keep the inbox on the server free of old email.
      20120508 mwe
    • The new server does not allow users to login using a domain alias.  If you have a domain alias set up, make sure to use the actual domain name when logging in.
      20120507 mwe
    • If you were using custom folders under squirrelmail, your folders will still be on the new server but not yet visible.  To make them visible, click Settings, click Folders and subscribe to the folders you want to be visible.
      20120505 mwe
    • If you had been having problems sending to comcast or juno addresses on the previous server, this should no longer be an issue.  These ISPs send unusually large DNS replies which had been a problem on the previous email server.
      20120505 mwe
    • The first time a new sender sends you an email, it may take up to fifteen minutes for the email to be delivered.  This is due to new anti-spam technology.
      20120505 mwe


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